Green XXL 12V Children’s Tractor - Exciting Safe Ride-on Toy
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Green XXL 12V Children’s Tractor - Exciting Safe Ride-on Toy


Green XXL 12V Children’s Tractor - Exciting and Safe Electric Ride-on Toy 

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Introducing the 12V Electric Children's Tractor: A Green Adventure for Ages 3 to 7

Embark on a thrilling journey with our Electric Children's Tractor, designed for young explorers aged 3 to 7 years. Packed with features and safety measures, this toy promises hours of entertainment and imaginative play.

Key Features:

Dynamic Performance:

Voltage: 12V 7AH, delivering a robust and reliable power source

Dual Engines: 2 powerful motors for enhanced performance

Maximum speed: 3 to 6 km/h

Safety and Comfort:

Single-person seating for an individualized experience

Secure hip belt seatbelt for added safety

Comfortable leather seat for a pleasant ride

Eye-Catching Design:

Vibrant Green color for a visually appealing look

Integrated lighting for enhanced visibility

Sturdy construction with EVA and rubber tires for durability

Entertainment Hub:

Built-in sound and music system for an immersive experience

MP3 and USB connections for personalized entertainment

Dimensions and Origin:

Size: 135x76x81 cm

Proudly manufactured in China

Quality Assurance:

Manufacturing process may result in minor imperfections, such as smears, dots, or scratches, adding character to each unit

All our toys meet stringent safety standards and carry the CE mark

Experience the joy of playtime with the 12V Electric Children's Tractor. Order now to provide your child with a safe, exciting, and memorable adventure on their very own green tractor.

Important Warranty Information:

Please note that certain items, including batteries, adapters, and gear components in battery-operated vehicles (please consult the maintenance tips in your battery-operated vehicle's user manual), are excluded from the warranty. This exception primarily applies when issues are caused by improper, negligent, or unprofessional use for purposes that do not correspond to their intended normal use, external factors, or normal wear and tear.

It is essential to note that any damage caused by water renders the warranty invalid. Furthermore, the warranty period is not reset after a repair or replacement, unless expressly stated otherwise in the terms and conditions.

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