12-Volt Children’s Buggy Safe Off-Road Experience for Young Drivers


12-Volt Children’s Buggy Safe and Exciting Off-Road Experience for Young Drivers 

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Introducing the Electric Children's Buggy 12V

Let your child explore the outdoors with excitement and safety in mind with the Electric Children's Buggy 12V. This rugged and fun buggy is designed for one child and packed with features to enhance the driving experience.

Key Features:

    Powerful Performance:

        Equipped with 4 motors and a robust 12V 14Ah battery for strong and reliable performance.

        Maximum speed ranges from 3 to 8 km/h, providing thrilling yet safe rides.

    Safety and Comfort:

        Five-point seat belt and a sturdy leather seat ensure security and comfort during playtime.

        Suspension system absorbs shocks for a smoother ride on various terrains.

    Entertainment Features:

        Built-in sound and music options for added fun and excitement.

        USB and Bluetooth connections allow your child to enjoy their favorite tunes while driving.

    Remote Control Capability:

        Includes a 2.4G remote control for parents to supervise and control the buggy's movement, providing peace of mind.

    Durable Construction:

        Features EVA tires that provide excellent traction and durability on different surfaces.

        Lights integrated into the buggy's design enhance visibility and add to the overall appeal.


        Size: L104 x W73 x H61 cm, suitable for one child from approximately 3 years old.

        Maximum load capacity of 30 kg, accommodating most young children comfortably.

    Quality Manufacturing:

        Manufactured in China with a focus on quality and safety standards, ensuring adherence to CE regulations.

        Minor imperfections such as smears or scratches may be present due to the manufacturing process.

Treat your child to hours of outdoor fun and exploration with the Electric Children's Buggy 12V, designed for adventure and excitement!

Important Warranty Information:

Please note that certain items, including batteries, adapters, and gear components in battery-operated vehicles (please consult the maintenance tips in your battery-operated vehicle's user manual), are excluded from the warranty. This exception primarily applies when issues are caused by improper, negligent, or unprofessional use for purposes that do not correspond to their intended normal use, external factors, or normal wear and tear.

It is essential to note that any damage caused by water renders the warranty invalid. Furthermore, the warranty period is not reset after a repair or replacement, unless expressly stated otherwise in the terms and conditions.

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